Time Management Tips for Active Seniors

Active seniors today are living longer, healthier, happier lives and are rapidly getting up, getting out and getting involved in their communities. The only obstacle preventing them from living a fully engaged, hectic-free lifestyle is time management. There is a great deal of stress involved in the trivial chores we do in everyday life. Minute tasks such as getting groceries, cleaning house or picking up prescription medication can take time away from seniors that they Read More >

Personal Concierge Services for Busy Professionals

If you're working both harder and longer these days, you are not alone. Employers aren't replacing laid-off workers; they are just asking their remaining employees to do more instead. Of course the employees accept -- it's the American way, and besides, everyone wants to stay valuable enough to survive the next round of layoffs. These hours cost employees dearly over the long term. Researchers say that Americans get on average 60 to 90 minutes less sleep than they Read More >

How to Decorate a Small Room on a Budget

As the downsizing trend continues, homeowners and renters are carving comfortable living spaces out of increasingly smaller rooms. So, how are they doing it without breaking the budget? By utilizing a dash of creativity coupled with some old fashioned crafting tricks you, too, can design the room of your dreams. Here are a few tips to get you on your way: Invest in a statement piece. Make a statement in your room with a fabulous sofa or luxurious bed. To stay within Read More >

Tips for Organizing Your Tax Documents for Tax Season

For many hard working people out there, especially entrepreneurs, professionals, and the otherwise self-employed, March and April can be the most frightful time of year. It's tax season, and that means tax returns must be timely filed with both the state and federal government, or extensions sought. What can be terrifying for anyone, but particularly for the people mentioned above, is accumulating all of the records that must be kept to document every last bit of Read More >

10 Eco-Conscious Cleaning Tips for Spring

Spring cleaning is a wonderful ritual to mark the end of a long, dreary winter. After all, if you’ve been stuck inside for months, there’s a good chance your home could use a thorough cleaning. Many of today's cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. To be more gentle with the Earth and to protect your family's health, consider the many natural ways to clean your home this spring using everyday products found in your pantry Read More >

Time Management Tips for Dinner Prep

Spending large amounts of time in the kitchen whipping up 3-course meals is fine for those people who have the time. For the rest of us, it is often a challenge to find meals that are quick, easy, and also nutritional. Families with dual income earners, children in school, and extra curricular activities, often find dinnertime to be a nightmare. Follow these time management tips, and you can turn dinner chaos into the relaxed, enjoyable sit-down meal your family Read More >

5 Ways to be Efficient in the Digital Age

It certainly has the ring of truth to it, does it not? The "digital era's" promise was one of increased efficiency and productivity creating more leisure time. The reality is that the world has become even quicker paced and more complex than it was before your electronic gadgets came along. If you want more time for family, friends, or self-improvement, you have to make it. Here are five tips to get you started on carving out more time for yourself: Evaluate How Read More >

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Concierge Service

When interviewing someone for any profession, being equipped with a carefully planned list of questions is important to determine the best candidate for the position. When hiring a personal concierge service, this is absolutely essential. Your concierge will have access to many personal details of your life, and you need to be certain that they can be trusted. These ten questions will help you determine whether the person you are interviewing is the best fit for you and Read More >

9 Ways to Maximize Time at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping is no one’s favorite errand. Dodging shopping carts, reading confusing labels and standing in long checkout lines eat up your precious time. Unfortunately, it is a task that needs to be done because we all have to eat. If you want to cut the amount of effort you put into grocery shopping and maximize your time at the supermarket, then follow these tips for grocery shopping success: PREPARE A LIST There is nothing worse than getting home from the Read More >

How to Stay Healthy When Pressed for Time

Being busy is a way of life these days. If you're like most of us, you woke up this morning thinking about everything you needed to accomplish by nine. Or maybe it was before seven. If that's the case, you're likely feeling more than a little stressed, and could benefit from taking a few minutes to look at some of the choices you're making. Diet When your time is limited, chances are one of the first things to be neglected is eating wisely. Dietitians recommend Read More >