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Are you looking for party planning services Boston MA?

We know how time-consuming it is to plan a party or an event for anything, be it your child’s birthday party, your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary dinner, the annual Christmas celebration at the office, or even your own dream wedding. There are themes to explore, venues to visit, budgets to work with, vendors to search and interview, gifts and party favors to purchase, invitations to write and send out, menus to plan, and so much more.

When the party details are creating headaches for you, call on our Boston MA party planning assistant services to make your event a memorable one!

Here are some of the things we can do for you or assist you with:

Cut Costs while Entertaining in Style

  • Holiday Party Planning at Home or Office
  • Birthdays, Reunions, Engagements, etc
  • Party Theme Research
  • Venue Research and Booking
  • Event/Meeting Planning
  • RSVP List Management
  • Hosting a Stress Free Holiday CelebrationMenu planning and delivery
  • Food and Beverage Deliveries
  • Party Favor Shopping and Organization
  • Gift Shopping
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Greeting Service
  • Site Coordination … e.g. set up, receive deliveries, event break down
  • Party Vendor Liaison Coordinator … e.g. entertainers, florists, caterers, servers, bartenders, photographers/videographers, and other party staff.

Good Neighbor Concierge Offers Party Planning Services Boston MA

Whether you are just beginning to plan or are simply running out of time and in need of some help to finish up the details, Good Neighbor Concierge is a Boston personal concierge who can help you make it happen. Don’t stress!

If you are looking for party planning services Boston MA, call us at 617.209.9311 or fill in the following form to schedule a no-obligation needs assessment at a time that is convenient for you.

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Home Party, Receive Floral Delivery

Home Party Food Table Set-Up

Food Ordering

Errand Service, Ice Cream Delivery

Home Party, Receive Food Delivery

Errand Service, Food and Beverage Delivery

Home Business Meeting

Home Party Assistance, Birthday

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