Attract Happiness with Positive Thinking

Attract Happiness with Positive Thinking

Thoughts are a lot more powerful than people often give them credit. In fact, positive thinking and general optimism have actually been proven to be beneficial for your health by reducing distress/depression, boosting your defenses against the common cold, improving your cardiovascular health, increasing your overall life span, and more. Of course, this means prolonged negative thinking can have some pretty nasty negative side affects as well if you’re not careful, so to make you have the best chance of living the happiest, healthiest life, we’ve gone ahead and listed all sorts of tips below on how to attract happiness with positive thinking!

Take Notice of Your Own Negativity

One of the first things you have to do before you can passively fill your brain with positive thoughts is pay close attention to how you think naturally. Do you put yourself down a lot and have a lot of anxiety about all the worst things that can happen in life, or are you usually optimistic and ready to look for the best in every situation? Determining how you think is the crucial first step to making the changes you want to make. It will help you notice the little negative thoughts that might have otherwise slipped by unnoticed, and allow you to make corrections and form new habits that will lead to more natural positive thinking and subsequent happiness.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

It’s easy to let others determine our worth for us, but who is it that you’re letting dictate your thoughts? Do you have a lot of positive friends, family, and influences to build you up and make you feel great about yourself, or are you surrounded by those who only care about using you to get ahead in their own life, and who’re nothing more than an outward reflection of your own inner doubts, fears, and insecurities? Choosing the right support system in life is so important if you want to remain positive, so make sure you only ever surround yourself with other positive people who can lift you up rather than tear your down.

A Healthy Life Equals A Happy Life

Everyone knows when you feel great physically you’re more likely to feel great in every other aspect of life as well, which is why you should never pass up an opportunity to get healthier. Whether you want to add more nutritional/mood boosting foods into your diet, or you want to make a point of going for a walk at least once a day, you will never regret following through with an activity that makes you feel amazing inside and out!

Be Easy With Yourself

Life is often hard. When you feel like you’ve finally got a handle on one thing, life flips the script and upheaves something else, so try not to focus on all the chaos. Be easy on yourself, find a little humor in life, and don’t be afraid to gently correct yourself when you feel your mind slipping into negative thoughts. In fact, take that moment to remind yourself how amazing and capable you are no matter what challenges you’re facing in life, and always try to find a way to figure out a solution amidst the craziness.

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