The Benefits of Giving

Being thankful for things is a crucial feeling that can actually reprogram your brain to process information differently. The more grateful you are, the more you appreciate your life and loved ones, the happier you will be on a deeper, lasting level. The sight of beautiful, sparkly boxes adorned with ribbons and bows of all shapes, sizes, and colors, is something we’re all familiar with. A gift can be time or a material possession given by one person to express Read More >

A Call to Get Beyond the Noise

Spending time in the still quiet has been shown to restore the nervous system, help us sustain energy, condition our minds to be more adaptive and responsive to our increasingly chaotic environments. Let's face it—modern life has gotten very noisy. To keep up with grind, recent studies suggest it's beneficial to take time for deep silence. Spending time in the still quiet has been shown to restore the nervous system,  help us sustain energy, condition our minds to be Read More >

Lifestyle Management: Time Management to Prevent Stress

When your list of tasks has become overwhelming, and time seems to grow ever shorter, it's time to employ a personal concierge service.   More than just an errand service, a personal concierge will help you manage your lifestyle--whatever it may be.  Whether you are a small business owner, a full-time homemaker and parent,  a busy professional, or anyone who carries more than they can handle, a personal assistant can help you manage your time and reduce stress. A key Read More >

6 Tips for Coping with Sandwich Generation Stress

The Sandwich Generation, a term coined by social worker Dorothy Miller in 1981, describes people, usually women, in their 30's, 40's and 50's who are primary caregivers to both their children and their aging parents. Miller recognized the stress involved in being ‘sandwiched’ between the generations on either side of theirs, both of which require family care. The American Psychological Association reported that almost 40% of people ages 35 to 54 years old said they Read More >

5 Modern Day Activities that Waste Time

Today's modern age is filled with activities and opportunities to waste time. Learning to pick out those time-wasters can make it significantly easier to avoid them, and that means time spent on the activities that really matter. Here are some of my top time-wasting activities: 1. Virtual Socialization On the train heading into Boston recently, the seven people sitting around me all had their faces glued to their smartphones. One of them even appeared to be Read More >

Thankful for Thankfulness

As we enter the season of good cheer and giving, let us focus some time on family, friends, and each other. Thanksgiving serves as a good starting point to reflect on life’s abundant blessings. What are you thankful for? Like many of you, being thankful for family, friends, food and shelter is good enough. Lately, however, I have been reflecting on that question quite a bit more deeply. I have every reason to be; several times this year, life seemed to throw one Read More >

Five Ways to Save Time and Money at Dinnertime

This week's guest post is written by Martha Ruch: There's a big misconception about the cost of eating a healthy, whole-foods-based diet. You see, it's not only about the price of the food; it's also the fact that so much is purchased and then not used. Think about your last big grocery shopping trip, the one where you stocked up on fresh vegetables, a boatload of fruit, and each family member's favorite dinner ingredients. Did you end up cooking and eating it all? Read More >

Are You Living, or Just Getting By?

Not too long ago, I had one of those mornings. Sitting in the car, I was in a sour mood. Rush-hour traffic was crawling at a snail’s pace and to make matters worse, a train looped around into the station and parked itself in front of all the cars stopped at a traffic light. Traffic was at a halt an additional few minutes longer, which felt like an infinity. Later as I proceeded to make a left turn, cars in the opposite direction inched unbearably closer to my lane and Read More >

Preparing You and Your Family for the Back-to-School Season

As summer fun winds to close, busy families will begin to shift their focus to prepare for the upcoming school year. Balancing work and family can be daunting; leaving you wondering how you will manage getting the kids to-and-from sports and music activities, run errands and still get everyone together for dinner at the table. With careful planning, and these helpful tips, you can get your family off to a more peaceful and productive start this year: Take Inventory: Read More >

5 Life Lessons Learned from a Personal Tragedy

Feeling exhilarated and exhausted, I sat in my car after having just completed a ten-mile charity walk around the Charles River when I got the dreaded phone call. “Our cousin in New York City? He just passed away.” What? Say that again? How? Did I just hear that? But I just saw him two weeks ago! Is this a joke? Unexpectedly and suddenly, one of my cousins passed away alone in his Brooklyn apartment. No one will ever know the events that led up to that fateful Read More >