New Year Reflection & Goal Setting

New Year Reflection & Goal Setting

New Years is a time of reflection and rejuvenation. It fills your soul with hope and gets you excited about the future! However, if you actually want to stick to your goals and resolutions this year, the best thing you can do is get serious – and we’ve provided a great collection of reflective and prospective questions to help you do so below!


What Are Some Of The Biggest Goals You Achieved?

You always want to start off positive to get you in the mood to dream big for the new year ahead, and one of the greatest ways to do this is to reflect on some of your biggest victories and triumphs. Did you get that promotion you wanted? Did you finally make the perfect homemade pizza? Big or small, every success deserves to be celebrated!

Who/What Was Most Important To You This Year?

Relationships and connections with friends, family, coworkers, your barista, and whoever else are the bread and butter of life, so ask yourself: How many new people did you meet this year, and who have you come to realize are the most important? Contrarily, are there any people in your life you’ve felt have been holding you back or detracting from your happiness? Remember, as the New Year progresses you want to hold onto the positive, and let go of that holding you back.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Lessons You Learned This Year?

While not all lessons are difficult to learn, each are important for eventually forming the mature people we are always striving to become – and it’s a lifetime journey. So be sure to reflect on that which you’ve learned so that you can avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future, and missing out on great opportunities.

What Were Some Of The Most Positive Experiences For You This Year?

Did you try something new this year you loved? Did you go on a trip with your loved ones? What were you favorite memories and experiences? Knowing all these answers will only bring you one step closer to having an extraordinary new year – just don’t forget to document everything along the way for posterity!

What Would You Change About The Year?

Being willing to admit that you made a wrong choice, or able to confront something tragic that happened to you, is a massive sign of integrity, so be honest with yourself. What would you change about the past year if you could? Knowing this can help you avoid the same fate the following years.

What Were Your Biggest Struggles/Challenges?

Everyone struggles with something at one point or another. The key is to be able to use your hard times as an opportunity to prove just how capable and strong you truly are! Instead of letting yourself feel like the world is tearing you down, always let it build you up!


What Goals Do You Still Need/Want To Work On?

Now that you’re hyped from listing all the ways you totally slayed last year and became an even better version of you, now it’s time to focus on ways to improve even more. Figure out where you were lacking last year and see if you can still make up for lost time by finishing some of last years goals, or creating new ones that better reflect your current position in life.

How Will Your Focus Change Moving Forward?

Has your life changed in the last year so much that you’re no longer concerned with the same things? Don’t be afraid to go with the flow! Maybe your new baby’s development is more important than your summer bod, or maybe you’ve got a new job and you’re itching to move up quickly? Whatever the case may be, don’t be stressed if you don’t feel compelled to stick to your old routine. Change is a part of life!

What Are Some Things You’re Ready To Let Go Of Or Say Goodbye To?

Sometimes, the New Year can show us more than anything the things in our life that we need to let go and say goodbye to in order to pursue a healthier happier future. There’s no shame or wrong in that fact, it’s just another evolution in life that helps us become the greater people we are meant to be. So please, clean out that garage, or finally quit that terrible job or relationship – you will be so much better off once you do.

What Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Once you’ve cleaned out all the junk in your life and thought about all the things you hope to accomplish, really think about what you’re looking forward to most this upcoming year. Perhaps you’ll meet the love of your life, or be blessed with a baby (human or fur)? There is so much in life to look forward to, and now’s the time!

What Is Something New You Want To Try?

If you’re not sure what to look forward to because you’re not usually one for deviating from your routine, perhaps this New Year can be one filled with new experiences for you? Is there a cuisine you’ve always wanted to try, or a vacation you’ve always wanted to take? Take the risk! The worst that can happen is that you have a wild story to tell and the wisdom not to do it again!

How Can You Make This Year Better Than The Last?

The most important question of all, however, is: What can you do to make this year infinitely better than the last? Of course, the answer will be different for everyone so this is where your reflection really comes in handy. Just remember in any situation, be flexible, brave, and easy-going. So long as you can do that, you’ll always be able to find the best in any situation! If you are ready for help in slaying your goals, reach out to Good Neighbor Concierge today at 617.209.9311 or fill in the form in the sidebar to schedule a no-obligation needs assessment at a time that is convenient for you.