Time Management Tips for Active Seniors

Time ManagementActive seniors today are living longer, healthier, happier lives and are rapidly getting up, getting out and getting involved in their communities. The only obstacle preventing them from living a fully engaged, hectic-free lifestyle is time management. There is a great deal of stress involved in the trivial chores we do in everyday life. Minute tasks such as getting groceries, cleaning house or picking up prescription medication can take time away from seniors that they could be spending with friends and family.

Though older people may have less demands in their lives, many do have a lot on their schedules. Here are some useful time management tips for active seniors to use today:

Create a Goal Sheet: Surprisingly, many seniors underestimate the significant worth of writing down their goals for the ensuing week. Although not quite as rigid as a detailed schedule, a simple list of goals placed in plain sight on a refrigerator or bathroom mirror can serve as a constant reminder that there are activities to work for that mean a lot.

Create a Detailed Schedule: Try not to leave anything out! Include times for rest, exercise and, of course, a little fun. A detailed schedule does not have to be made all at once; taking a few days to think out your week is perfectly fine. Remember, you can be flexible with your schedule. Adding new activities as they occur is a great way to ultimately draft a schedule that fits what you’ll really be doing, and not just what you want to be doing as with a goal sheet.

Don’t Forget Fun: Or, more importantly, stress relief. Activities like writing, photography, and fishing; yoga, shopping, cooking and story-telling are all great options for limit excursion stress relief.

Have Someone Available to Help: Arguably the most sufficient way for time management is having a helping hand assist you with your daily routines. Asking a friend or hiring a personal assistant is a great way to ensure your tasks are completed on time and to your satisfaction, leaving you with plenty of free time to spend with friends and family.

By no means are today’s seniors just sitting at home watching the years go by idly. Older people today have schedules to keep, activities to participate in and tasks to perform. In each and every aspect, they are just as busy as their working counterparts. Creating a goal sheet, a detailed schedule and/or outsourcing every day personal tasks are all great means of managing time.

Image credit:  Loretta Humble