General Policies

Bounced/Bad Checks

Personal checks that are returned for insufficient funds, stop payment, and account closed reasons will be assessed a $50 returned checks fee.


Your right to privacy is our top priority. Personal information will never be sold or shared with anyone or any organization without your specific permission.

Inclement Weather

The weather in New England is unpredictable.  If weather conditions make traveling on the roads dangerous or impassable (snow, sleet, ice, heavy rain, flooding, etc), all service requests and previously arranged appointments (that require road travel) will be rescheduled to another business day, or attempted when weather conditions improve.  Under no circumstances will our staff be put at risk or harm’s way.

Service Cancellations

In order to make time available to other clients who may need our assistance, it is appreciated that we be given at least 24 hours’ notice for any service cancellations. Missed appointments will incur a $50 cancellation charge.

Third Party Purchases

The cost of additional goods, materials, taxes, and services (such as groceries, dry cleaning order, concert tickets, etc) is in addition to our hourly service fee, and the payment of these purchases is the responsibility of the client. In most cases, the concierge will make purchases on our company account and full reimbursement is expected at the time of delivery. Major purchases, however, require sufficient funds be provided upfront in order to cover the expense, or prepaid in advance. Major credit cards are accepted for your convenience.