Personal Concierge Services for Busy Professionals

Boston Personal Concierge ServicesIf you’re working both harder and longer these days, you are not alone. Employers aren’t replacing laid-off workers; they are just asking their remaining employees to do more instead. Of course the employees accept — it’s the American way, and besides, everyone wants to stay valuable enough to survive the next round of layoffs.

These hours cost employees dearly over the long term. Researchers say that Americans get on average 60 to 90 minutes less sleep than they should every night, and half the population says it does not have enough time for family. The long hours many Americans are working not only affect their health but also their productivity; more hours don’t mean more work if employees are exhausted.

Professionals often bring work home just to keep up. There seems to always be more to do, and fewer hands all the time to do it. Time management techniques can help, sure. You know they do, because you already practice most of them. But even with all of that working for you, you’re still pedaling harder all the time.

And it’s not just work that’s becoming frantic. Bringing work home interferes with all of the small tasks that allow you to appear at work the next day looking cool and professional, and to send your children off to school in the morning with clean clothes on their back and with their homework done and in their backpacks.

You need to pick up the dry cleaning so you’ll have something to wear tomorrow. You need groceries, especially if you skipped lunch to run to the bank. And you probably should pick up your prescriptions. Taking time off from work to wait for a repairman is out of the question anymore, and planning a birthday party for a child is becoming a wistful hope. Maybe it’s time to dust off the old mantra: when in trouble, delegate.

What A Personal Concierge Can Do For You

The next time you need someone to sign for a delivery or deliver a forgotten item to a child’s school, a personal concierge service can save the day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone who can:

check on an elderly parent?
return library books?
file receipts?
wrap and ship Christmas and wedding gifts?
go to the post office?
manage the menu and RSVPs for a party?
book a flight or a cruise?

Naturally, you can do all of these things yourself. But will you, really? Trying to handle everything by yourself when the tasks of life start piling up may cost you some serenity. It will definitely cost you some time. How much is serenity worth to you? How much is your time worth?

Good Neighbor Concierge Boston Personal Concierge Services

How much is it worth to stop being frazzled and feel rested and ready to go at work? If you no longer have to stand in line at lunch, how much more can you get done if you’re not hungry? What can you get done in the time you win back?

If a personal concierge can keep you from realizing at three in the morning that you forgot to send out a Mother’s Day card, the odds increase that you’ll get a good night’s sleep and be fresh and ready to go the following day when your boss hands you another emergency project.

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Image credit:  Tracy Carpena