Why People Hire Personal Shoppers to Offset More Hours at Work

31With the economy sputtering along since 2008, many people have found that their workloads have dramatically increased. For those compensated by the hour, you may find yourself doing not only the job with which you are long familiar, but also many of the duties of a laid off co-worker or of a person who was never hired at all. For those in business or on a commission, you may be devoting more time than ever just to maintain the same income.

In a situation where your time is literally your money, or where taking time off from work can endanger your continued employment, you should give serious thought as to how hired help such as personal shoppers can offset the increased hours you spend at work.

An interesting report by ABC Action News appeared recently that highlighted some of the ways a personal concierge service can spare you valuable time that you can invest in either making more money or increasing the amount of quality time you get to spend with your loved ones or on your leisure pursuits.

A few moments of thought lends insights into just how much time you can save by outsourcing some of the mundane tasks in your life. Consider these examples:

Service Calls To Your Home

Shopping for repair services is really time consuming. Many do not realize just how much of a schedule wrecker a household problem becomes until the moment something substantial breaks down in the house. For example, a spring in a garage door breaks, trapping one of the cars you rely upon, or the furnace has quit running. If you are like most people, you have not preplanned how these repairs will be handled. Rather than flip through the phone book and hope the service you call is competent, then sit at home waiting for their appearance, or tear yourself away from work to meet an appointment “window” that can be quoted at anywhere from 2-4 hours, a personal concierge service can handle these problems for you.

Grocery Shopping

Everyone needs groceries and the brand and quantity preferences you have are easily conveyed to a personal shopper. Why not consider some menu planning? First, draw up a master list of meals. Then make a list of the ingredients, and other household consumables such as toilet paper, pet food, and beverages, and then task a personal shopper to buy a week or two’s supplies at a time. You could save 3-5 trips to the store over that span. When you pencil it out, you’ll find that such a service is cost effective.

Incidental Shopping

These are the kinds of shopping trips that a personal shopper can do to spare you both wasting your time and hopping all over town. For example, your daughter has a birthday party coming up and wants jungle-themed decorations, centered on monkeys. Or, your nephew’s high school graduation is coming up and you want to give him something more sentimental than a hastily chosen card and a check. These are the types of trips that personal shoppers were first employed to perform and the service is just as valid today in the Internet era as it ever was.

Outsourcing some of the mundane tasks in your life means you would be able to focus your time and energy into earning more money as well as having extra time to spend with loved ones and friends.

Image credit:  Allie Hylton