A Travel Concierge Takes the Trouble out of Vacation Planning

Having trouble putting your vacation together? There are many excuses: lack of time or the research is overwhelming. Have you ever considered using the services of a travel concierge in planning your trip or vacation? If not, it’s time to explore how you can benefit from the unique services they can offer. Most people will either contact a travel agency or begin an Internet search to book a vacation. After posting a plea for last minute advice from friends, family or Read More >

Establishing Trust with a Personal Concierge

Hiring a personal concierge to help free up some of your time involves giving him or her access to just about every personal area of your life. For many people, handing over their credit card number, bank account information, computer files or car and house keys is an unnerving thought. Building solid relationships takes time and effort, and being able to trust someone with the intimate details of your life is something that will only come from familiarity with an Read More >

The Morning Rush: 5 Time Saving Solutions for Busy Families

Weekday mornings in many households are seldom without drama or chaos. During most of the year, hundreds of thousands of parents go through the daily ritual of waking up the kids from their peaceful sleep and making a mad dash to get things ready for school. I can certainly relate to that, as my household used to be one of those chaotic ones too. There is less morning craziness at my house these days, but when one of those days do crop up I cannot help but wonder how Read More >

Teaching Children the Concept of Time

All children are born into the world with no concept of time: eating and sleeping on their own schedules. As they move from babies to toddlers, to preteens and teens, their sense of time often remains distorted, not having learned the necessary skills to manage their time. In today’s busy world of trying to squeeze in just one more activity, two of the most important lessons you can teach your child are the concept of time, and how to use that time Read More >

Personal Concierge Services for Seniors

Today's seniors are living longer and healthier lives. They are staying active and often want to remain in their own homes, even as they begin to need some help. Although family members are often able to provide some help, seniors often don't want to bother them. Today, many families rely on the services of a personal concierge to help aging members live active, independent lives and to assist with activities of daily living. Benefits to Seniors Personal concierge Read More >

A Personal Concierge’s Secret Weapon: Impeccable Customer Service

A personal concierge takes pride in creating memorable experiences for people. They have a passion to serve, an ability to multi-task, and a flair for remaining graceful and calm under pressure. However, even the most competent individual still needs a concierge's secret weapon: impeccable customer service. What is Customer Service? It is important to remember that there are two components: services that the concierge delivers, and how you, the client, feel about Read More >

How A Personal Concierge Can Save You Time And Money

How much is your time worth to you? While that might seem like an odd question, the answer can have a huge impact on how you live your life. It’s an old cliché, but “time is money” and the more time that you spend doing things that are unproductive, the less time you will have to put towards projects that generate revenue, or increase your quality of life. Have you ever given any thought to the quantity of time you spend checking emails? How many hours a day do you Read More >

How to Gain an Extra Hour Every Day

Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could magically create an extra hour in the day? You could spend it doing something you really enjoy. But in this world of too much work and too many obligations, it’s hard to find even an extra minute. Time deprivation has become an epidemic, and we are packing our days so full, we feel as though we are always on the go. But let’s say that you were able to magically create an extra hour. How would you use it? Take some time to write Read More >

Why Hire a Personal Assistant

All working professionals have more to do than they can possibly get done in a day. As our jobs spill over and take up more of our personal time, we find ourselves feeling burned out and overwhelmed. But what if you had an extra pair of hands to help share some of the burden of everyday tasks? Hiring a personal assistant can allow you to take back more of your most precious resource – time. No longer considered a status symbol, personal assistants have become essential Read More >

3 Reasons the Digital Age Can Decrease Productivity

In today's fast-paced world, everyone is looking for ways to get things done quicker and easier. Technology has allowed us to increase the pace at which we work, creating more efficient and effective ways of getting things done. Although the convenience of technology has made our lives easier, it can also create more demands on our time, and can actually decrease productivity - if we let it. The key is to embrace the technological tools that increase productivity, and Read More >