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Home Wait Services Boston MAAre you looking for home wait services Boston MA?

Waiting for the cable guy and other service personnel is a costly thing to do — in terms of time lost from your paying job, time you could be spending playing Scrabble with your teenager, or other things. According to a study by TOA Technologies, waiting for someone to install, fix or deliver something costs Americans nearly $38 billion in lost time. Considering many service personnel give a three to four hour window of time for you, it is a big chunk of your day. And let’s not get started with the time spent commuting back and forth.

Whether it be meeting the washing machine repairman or waiting for the leather sofa to arrive at your home, we have the experience and the patience to wait on all the services you need and require for your lifestyle.

  • Furniture and Home Appliance Deliveries
  • Cable/Computer/Phone Installs and Repair
  • Receiving Parcel Packages and Shipments
  • Gas and Water Meter Readings
  • Contractor Liaison
  • Merchandise and Gift Returns/Exchanges
  • Car Maintenance … e.g. oil change, brake work, new tires
  • Registry of Motor Vehicles

Good Neighbor Concierge Offers Home Wait Services Boston MA

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Cable Installations

Registry of Motor Vehicles

Car Maintenance

Shipping Packages

Furniture Delivery

Merchandise Returns

Car Maintenance

Merchandise Returns

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