Spring Cleaning Tips to Clear Your Clutter

Spring is here, and as we open up the windows to let in the fresh air and sunshine, we look around our homes and realize we need to open up our indoor spaces where clutter has settled in over the winter.  Junk drawers, coat closets, cabinets and nightstands become catchalls that eat away at our time, energy and sanity.  Get a trash bag ready for items that can be thrown away, grab a box or two for charity donations and plan your attack. To get you started and provide a Read More >

Improve Your Health By Decreasing Clutter – Tips From A Boston Personal Concierge

Reducing clutter can have a major impact on your life in terms of reducing stress and anxiety and even reducing allergens and helping to avoid falls. That being said, millions of Americans still have clutter ruling their lives. Why? The answer to this question will certainly vary from person to person; however, sentimentality or actual physical or mental limitations aside, for many, time is the major contributing factor. Letting your home get cluttered is the easy Read More >

10 Eco-Conscious Cleaning Tips for Spring

Spring cleaning is a wonderful ritual to mark the end of a long, dreary winter. After all, if you’ve been stuck inside for months, there’s a good chance your home could use a thorough cleaning. Many of today's cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. To be more gentle with the Earth and to protect your family's health, consider the many natural ways to clean your home this spring using everyday products found in your pantry Read More >