9 Ways to Maximize Time at the Grocery Store

Maximize TimeGrocery shopping is no one’s favorite errand. Dodging shopping carts, reading confusing labels and standing in long checkout lines eat up your precious time.

Unfortunately, it is a task that needs to be done because we all have to eat. If you want to cut the amount of effort you put into grocery shopping and maximize your time at the supermarket, then follow these tips for grocery shopping success:


There is nothing worse than getting home from the supermarket only to find you forgot to buy lettuce, dog food or spaghetti. Stop that problem by keeping an ongoing list of everything you need to buy. Keep a notepad by the fridge and add items to the list whenever you notice you are getting low on something. Use a smart-phone app to keep your shopping list on your phone, so you will never leave it at home.


Spend a little time memorizing where everything is shelved. That way, you can find the items on your list quickly. If you only need bread and laundry detergent, you can be in and out of the store in a flash.


If you run from store to store looking for bargains, you are increasing the amount of time you invest in shopping, not to mention the gasoline you are using up. Instead, pick one store and shop there consistently. You may miss a few sales, but you will only have to learn one store’s layout, coupon policy and sales schedule. Choose a store for whatever reason is most important to you – for example, the store is near home or your workplace, it stocks great produce, it has an ATM on site, etc – and make that “your” grocery store.


If possible, avoid grocery shopping at busy hours such as right after work and early Sunday afternoon. Go when fewer people are there and you can quickly move through the aisles and the checkout lane.


Coupons save you money, but looking through piles of them can slow you down and increase the time you spend in the grocery store. Solve that problem by sitting down with your list beforehand and organize coupons before heading out to shop. Pick out the coupons for everything you plan to buy, mark on your list what items you have coupons for, and clip the coupons to your list.


If you run out of things less frequently, you will not need to go to the store as often. It makes sense to stock up on non-perishable items when they are on sale. You will always need paper towels and dishwashing soap, so you might as well have them on hand.


If your children are small and do not enjoy shopping or otherwise distract you and make you less efficient in the grocery store, you might better maximize your time by going to the store alone. Plan to shop while the kids are in school, at soccer practice or at a play date. Another good option would be to hire a babysitter if that allows you to get through the chore of grocery shopping in a speedy and efficient manner.


Conversely, if your children are old enough to help, bring them along to the store and send them off to pick up items like milk while you are doing the work that requires concentration, like shopping for meat or produce. Another good option is to shop with your spouse or roommate so you both can divide up the list and cut your shopping time in half.


If you are pressed for time or have better things to do with your time than to spend it at the supermarket, then consider outsourcing the grocery shopping to a professional errand runner. He/she will do all of the shopping, delivering, and putting away groceries, so you can focus time on important matters.

By putting all of these ideas into practice, you will find yourself spending less time in the grocery aisles and more time on your priorities – be it career, family, friends, hobbies, grandchildren, whatever brings you joy.

Image credit:  Susan Ho