7 Tips for Eco-Conscious Living Without Sacrificing Comfort and Style

You know the importance of recycling more, to bring your own bags on shopping trips, to walk more and drive less.  You certainly have heard of the language:  Eco-friendly.  Go green.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The environment has been a hot topic in recent years.  In the more than forty years since the first Earth Day was held, however, it never occurred to many people that their actions could lead to environmental consequences…until now. Hurricane Katrina.  Read More >

How to Clean Up the Garden for Spring

Late winter is an excellent time to start thinking ahead about the home and garden projects that will surely fill your to-do lists in the weeks to come in Spring. As spring makes its way here in New England in a few short weeks, start early by clearing up leftover dead greenery and making way for new plant growth. This very short video, part of the eHow At Home series, is an excellent demonstration on how to clean up your garden just in time for warmer weather, no Read More >

Potholes: A Late-Winter Driving Nuisance

I was driving down a high-traffic street in Newton the other day when I came upon it.  In fact, there was not one, but a cluster of small and big ones along my path that I could not avoid running over unless I steered my car into oncoming traffic.  What are they?  Potholes. Driving in Boston during winter is dangerous enough with the presence of snow and black ice, and slipping and sliding.  Potholes are road hazards that crop up a lot this time of year, getting on Read More >

7 Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling

Aching backs. Stiff wrists. Strained shoulders. The result of too much lifting? Lifting too many shovelfuls of snow, to be more accurate. Winter in Boston is simply magical and it is especially true when there’s snow on the ground. Fluffy, white flakes blanket the city, untouched and glistening in the sun. The landscape, once an ocean of greenery, is transformed into a sheet of beautiful, sparkly white. If you ever had to dig out your driveway or sidewalk after a Read More >

8 Tips for Celebrating a Solo Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day … images of candlelight dinners, flowers and candy, and couples in love come to mind. That is all good and fine if you are in a relationship with someone, but what should you do if you are single on Valentine’s Day? Start by loving the most important person in your life: YOU, and celebrate the holiday alone. Here are some tips to help you get started: 1. Be your own best partner and indulge yourself with a gift that reminds you of how special and Read More >

6 Tips for Planning a Chinese New Year Party

Known as the Spring Festival and considered the longest and most important festival in China, the Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated throughout the world in countries with large Chinese populations. Like a traditional New Year party, the holiday is about celebrating new beginnings, new hope for the coming year, and family. You do not have to be in China to take part in the 15-day celebrations to usher in the New Year. Join in the festivities by Read More >

A Boston Personal Assistant’s Story: Clutter Control

Today, my travels took me to Brookline Village in the town of Brookline where I started assisting a lovely woman with limited mobility due to a recent hip fracture. It was an unfortunate situation for this highly independent, career-driven woman who always had things under control. The tasks I was asked to help her with included walking her pug, doing the laundry, loading the dishwasher, organizing the kitchen counter, and cleaning out the refrigerator among Read More >

8 Energy-Saving Tips for Winterizing a Vacant Home in New England

Although winter conditions vary greatly across the country, New England residents are more likely to face severe weather compared to people living in other areas. Furthermore, winter storms, which range from moderate snowfalls to wind-driven ones that last for days, can hit the region when least expected. Freezing rain, ice, strong winds and dangerously low temperatures can cause lots of trouble in and around the house. Thus, if you intend to leave your home for Read More >

Top 8 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Boston

One of the oldest cities in the United States and the largest in the New England region, Boston’s rich history and culture attracts tourists and visitors from near and far. A little of everything is offered here: from world-class dining to renowned performing arts, from historic architecture to tranquil green spaces. It's the season of love. If you're ready to make a marriage proposal, you will find there is no shortage of places to pull one off in Boston. In Read More >

How to Organize a Ski Trip to New England

In the northeastern region of the U.S., winter sports enthusiasts need not travel far to experience some excellent destination options and many of them are found in the New England states. A ski trip to any snow-covered mountain resort is an exciting adventure. Like with anything else, ski travel requires a lot of planning well before packing the bags. Plan for success by following these tips: 1. Where to Stay Some of New England’s best areas for skiing and other Read More >