Declutter Your Life

Whether you’re moving and want to downsize, or you’re simply tired or feeling like your house contains everything you and your family have ever owned, decluttering your life is a fantastic way to free up valuable physical, mental, and emotional space in your life/home. After all, the more assets and possessions you have, the more time, money, and energy you have to spend taking care of it all when really the only thing you should be worried about taking care of is Read More >

8 Tips on Decluttering the Refrigerator

Fall is now in full swing and it is time to plan ahead for all the ghosts and goblins and holiday revelers who will make your home the party destination in the weeks to come. In this season of hurried meals and overstuffed schedules, it is hard to find time to get that hard-working kitchen appliance, the refrigerator, in tip-top shape before every shelf gets filled with pumpkin and apple treats, roasts, casseroles, soups and stews. Make the annual planning less Read More >

Improve Your Health By Decreasing Clutter – Tips From A Boston Personal Concierge

Reducing clutter can have a major impact on your life in terms of reducing stress and anxiety and even reducing allergens and helping to avoid falls. That being said, millions of Americans still have clutter ruling their lives. Why? The answer to this question will certainly vary from person to person; however, sentimentality or actual physical or mental limitations aside, for many, time is the major contributing factor. Letting your home get cluttered is the easy Read More >