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6 Tips on How to Spend your Lunch Hour

Lunchtime. This midday meal period is often the least comfortable and respected, unlike its companions breakfast and dinner. For many people, the lunch hour is often spent catching up on pesky emails, what friends are doing on Facebook, and running off to do a few errands in between wolfing down a quick sandwich. Not that there is anything wrong with that. However, it is likely this is the one hour in your day when the only person you need to care for is yourself. And Read More >

7 Tips on Decluttering the Coat Closet

As these last few chilly days of winter make way for a wet and warm spring, the coat closet remains a scene of daily chaos as coats and boots and everything else try and find a spot to call their own. If your coat closet is crammed and out of control, what better time to bring some order back to this active storage space than this time of year? So if March comes in like a lion, we hope these tips will help you end the month like a lamb. 1.Be realistic about what Read More >

5 Places to Visit in Boston to Warm Up from the Cold

No doubt, it’s been a very cold and snowy season in Boston. The extreme cold air and subsequent snowfall that blanketed New England and many other areas of the United States early this year not only broke weather records but led to mass disruptions on many fronts. But despite all the frustrations and inconveniences that winter brings, there are plenty of ways to find fun and stay warm while waiting patiently for spring’s arrival. Here are five of our favorite spots in Read More >

The Unexpected Adventures of an Unplanned Trip

Today, the unthinkable happened. A dream was realized, 17 years in the making. I had determined early on this was going to be the year for Cape Cod. Unlike for so many of my fellow Bostonians, this was a huge thing: it would be my first visit. I had waited too many years for the right moment, the right price, the right weather, the right traffic conditions, the right everything. Not this time. Plan A was to take the CapeFLYER train out of South Station, but Read More >