5 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

When was the last time you lugged that briefcase home to work down that mountain of paperwork during what should be your family time or pushed beyond bedtime to keep up with work obligations that cannot wait? When done on occasion, these habits are generally not cause for concern. However, when work obligations regularly spill into your personal downtime, you will find it difficult to maintain a balanced work and personal life. But there is good news. With some effort, Read More >

The Importance of Achieving a Work/Life Balance

From productivity to peace of mind to happiness, there are many reasons it is important to achieve and maintain a balance between work and life. As doctors and scientists learn more about how stress affects our lives and our health, it is becoming more and more obvious that achieving this balance is just as much about our health as it is about successful and efficient workplaces. The Curse/Blessing of Modern Technology While modern technological advances have Read More >

What is a Personal Concierge Service?

We have all been there. Rushing from one errand to another, counting the minutes we have left hoping to make it to the kids' school in time for carpool. Toss in one lackadaisical cashier or slow-as-molasses bank teller and your entire schedule is thrown off. What you need is some help! Fortunately, time-starved people are fueling the growing number of personal concierge services. By taking on personal errands such as shopping for groceries, delivering packages, Read More >