Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

The law of attraction tells us that “by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life,” but as great an idea as that is, it still doesn’t necessarily tell us how or where to start. To help you change your thinking so that you can change your life, here are a few tips on how to practice making positivity a more instinctive priority. Kick the Negativity Whether you are the type of person to crack a joke Read More >

The Dangers of Social Media Addiction: Detoxing for a Better Life

New technology always brings about a new era of hope. Hope for faster, more reliable information. Hope for the answers to our various global problems. And above all else, hope for a better world. But as more and more pieces of new and “convenient” tech continue to creep into and invade nearly every aspect of our daily lives, people are beginning to question just what kind of implications all this reliance on such consuming possessions will have on our lives and Read More >

Being Present is the Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Loved Ones

With smart phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems and devices, smart watches, fitness trackers, smart homes, GPS in everything, and apps for everything under the sun; it’s nearly impossible to be totally disconnected from technology. Shopping, schoolwork, social connection, professional growth, and nearly every other aspect of our lives depend on these fragile and unfeeling devices. Though technology has allowed the world to advance and thrive in a myriad of miraculous Read More >

Time Management is a Necessity Even After You Retire

Time management is a necessity, even after you retire. You might think that retirement is all about sleeping in, and having total freedom over your life, but just because you no longer have to follow someone else’s nine-to-five schedule does not mean that your mind or body is at all ready to slow down and start living a sedentary lifestyle. Retiring will only make you more acutely aware of your remaining years, no matter how many or few there may be, which is why time Read More >

Lifestyle Management with Purpose

If you want certain things in life, you have to be proactive in order to attain them. Having a good job requires you to study hard in school and learn how to be useful in your desired industry, finding true love requires immense bravery and relentless resolve, and fulfilling your many aspirations in life requires intense focus and organization. Sometimes though, life can be tough and the simple idea of time management isn’t enough to get you over your mental and Read More >

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

With millions of little thoughts and ideas constantly running around in our heads, it can be easy to forget the importance of taking the time to slow down and rest before proceeding with a fresh perspective on various significant tasks. Especially when it comes to professional environments, most experts and highly successful individuals will agree and stress that working smarter is better than working harder every time, and is the only way to ensure continued Read More >

20 Things to do in Boston for Spring Break

As spring break approaches, families from all over the country are trying to decide where they should go on vacation, but if you live in a city that in itself is a tourist destination, there’s really no reason to spend your hard earned travel funds on going anywhere too far away. Instead why not use that cash to get to know a different side of the city you already love so much, and try out one or all of these 20 things to do in Boston for spring break. Are you a Read More >

Reprogram Your Brain with Mindfulness

Being mindful is a scientifically backed method of acquiring true inner peace and lasting happiness through comprehensive reflection and conscious efforts toward emotional stability, but it’s also a habit that every person must make for themselves in their own lives. It is not about putting away things like stress, anxiety, grief, or any other negative emotions, it’s about allowing yourself to feel, acknowledge, accept, and release anything and everything that comes your Read More >

The Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Who has ever made grand goals to go to the gym or park everyday at like six o’clock in the morning hopeful to work out every part of your body but deep down knowing that you would quit after less than a month and look guiltily back on that shameful day for the rest of the year? Starting a new diet or kicking a bad habit is the exact same way. You try and quit everything cold turkey and sooner or later you fail and fall back into your old ways. The new year is upon us now Read More >

Table Setting Etiquette 101 and Why It Matters

When it comes to every night meals after a long days work you may be lucky to find a few clean forks for your kids to eat with and that’s perfectly okay, but when it comes to setting up your table for the holidays why not use the special occasion get a little fancy with it? Proper table setting and other etiquette techniques date back as early as 17th century, so why not use those timeless techniques for your most festive meals. Experts will tell you that etiquette is a Read More >