Conquer Your Biggest Projects in the Fall

Conquer Your Biggest Projects in the Fall

You probably think you already know when your brain at its most productive based on your own personal experiences and routines. As reported by the software company Redbooth, which analyzed approximately 28 million tasks and 1.8 million projects over the course of a four-year period, there may actually be more of a pattern to productivity than what we initially realized. According to the data, levels of productivity can actually fluctuate throughout the year, with certain months, days of the week, and even hours of the day more likely to positively stimulate the brain than others. So when exactly is the best time to conquer your biggest projects?

Best Months for Productivity

Redbooth’s study discovered that most people are 7% more productive in the fall than during the summer, 18% more productive in the fall than the spring, and a massive 20% more productive during the fall than throughout the winter season. The most productive month of the entire year is October, followed closely by November and September. The least productive months of the year are January, February, and April – which makes sense given the cold, rainy weather that usually makes those months less enjoyable than others.

Best Day of the Week to Be Productive

Although this may not be what you want to hear, Redbooth’s study confirmed that Mondays are actually the most productive day of the week. Whether it’s because you’re feeling refreshed from a long, relaxing weekend, or you have a drive to get as much done as you can as early in the week as possible to lessen your stress, Monday is the perfect day to try and get things done. The least productive day of the week is Sunday, which makes total sense since most people are likely trying to conserve all their energy for Monday morning!

Best Time During the Day for Productivity

Now, this may be different for some, but according to Redbooth 11AM is actually the most productive time of day. It’s right before lunch so you have something to look forward to, yet late enough in the day to where you’re already in the zone from getting other important things out of the way. On the other hand, 1PM is when most people tend to start loosing focus. Whether it’s because you’ve been working for so many hours as is and are loosing your willpower, or your hearty lunches leave you in food comas every day, it’s simply not the best time to try and pour all of yourself into an important project.

So when is the best time to conquer all your biggest projects? The simple answer is, anytime in the fall, but if you want to get really specific, wait till October and then start that first Monday at 11AM. If you need personal assistant help in any way, please call Good Neighbor Concierge at 617.209.9311 or fill in the form in the sidebar to schedule a no-obligation needs assessment at a time that is convenient for you.