The Importance of Acceptance in Practicing Mindfulness

The Importance of Acceptance in Practicing Mindfulness

Now a days there’s a pill or an app for just about everything. If you feel sad, sick, or stressed, just pop one of these, or set aside 10 minutes with your phone, and you’re sure to feel better. Right? Well, not so much. Distractions and temporary solutions like these can only go so far. If you’re having a genuine problem, the only real solution is proper mindfulness through acknowledgement and acceptance. Only then can you really figure out a plan for what to do next to improve your life and prevent these and other similar challenges from affecting you in the future.

What Science Has To Say About It

Just recently, a newer study gathered together over 130 known “stressed adults of various ages and ethnicities” to participate in one of three separate programs. Program one included an eight week long Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program where the attendees are trained extensively on how to be more mindful and aware of their “present-moment experience in an accepting, nonjudgmental way.” The second program featured a similar MBSR program, but did not include information or instructions on/for practicing acceptance. Those in the third program, which was really not even a program at all but rather a lack of one, did not participate in any course or have any guidance/instruction at all. Throughout the study, participants would report on their stress levels and frequency up to five times a day, including before, during and after their course participation. In the end, it was determined conclusively that “the people who took the full MBSR course has a significantly steeper improvement than the other two groups” as far as experiencing less stress overall.

So Why Is Acceptance So Important?

People spend so much of their lives fighting change and getting overwhelmed about things that they just don’t understand, and yet the longer most live, the more everyone realizes that life is all about change, evolution, and being out of our comfort zones. Think of it this way, in every situation how you react is a choice, but for every second you react negatively you’re only wasting your own time. What’s done is done, no matter how much it pains you. If you get hurt on the job, or miss an important deadline, as terrible as that is you still have a choice. You can either let the anxiety overtake you, or you can accept what has happened as a fixed point in time you now can’t change and focus all your energy on coming up with a solution! Once you feel like you’re back in control of the situation, there won’t be anything for you to feel anxious or stressed about!

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