Why a Personal Assistant Service is Different from TaskRabbit

We all lead busy lives with so much to do that stress levels can get overwhelming at times. Seeking to lighten our load, we make to-do lists, spend hours thinking over our priorities, and make other efforts to simplify our lives. Sometimes what we really need is a little outside help. Hiring a personal assistant used to be solely for the rich and famous. Today, personal assistants are widely employed by all kinds of people who need a few extra hours in their day. Read More >

A Personal Concierge’s Secret Weapon: Impeccable Customer Service

A personal concierge takes pride in creating memorable experiences for people. They have a passion to serve, an ability to multi-task, and a flair for remaining graceful and calm under pressure. However, even the most competent individual still needs a concierge's secret weapon: impeccable customer service. What is Customer Service? It is important to remember that there are two components: services that the concierge delivers, and how you, the client, feel about Read More >