A Boston Personal Assistant’s Story: Transportation Services for Business Travelers

A personal assistant's role is as varied as the work itself. While most services are hands-on in nature, the work has expanded to include providing transportation services to people and pets to a variety of settings. Lately, some corporate clients have secured transportation services for their employees who frequently travel on business. I had the honor of serving some of them this year. As I sit and write this, summer 2012 has officially ended and I bid farewell to a Read More >

Time Saving Tips for Planning a Successful Summer Barbeque

It just wouldn't be summer without a fabulous barbeque or weekend cookout! To be really spectacular, it should not just be delicious but also relaxing. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the whole planning process, a few simple steps will save you time and stress - guaranteeing a great time for all, including the cook! To get a good time today, start with a good cleaning yesterday In other words, make sure your grill is always clean and ready to go. Once the Read More >