A Boston Personal Assistant’s Story: Wait-for Snow Removal Services

A winter of record snowfall totals in Boston means many roofing contractors will be inundated with calls for snow removal services throughout the Commonwealth. Recent media reports on the dangers of roof collapses and incidents happening at horse stables, an ice rink, and some buildings only add to the urgency of getting the weight off of people’s rooftops safely and as quickly as possible. Though our Newton snowbird client and his wife were enjoying their second home Read More >

7 Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling

Aching backs. Stiff wrists. Strained shoulders. The result of too much lifting? Lifting too many shovelfuls of snow, to be more accurate. Winter in Boston is simply magical and it is especially true when there’s snow on the ground. Fluffy, white flakes blanket the city, untouched and glistening in the sun. The landscape, once an ocean of greenery, is transformed into a sheet of beautiful, sparkly white. If you ever had to dig out your driveway or sidewalk after a Read More >