New Year’s Resolutions: Why Resolving To Do Less is Better

I checked my email first thing this morning and I was hit with a load of reminders: If I want to achieve that body, I need to join XYZ gym. If I want to avoid late fees, I need to send payment by XYZ date. If I want that designer jean, I need to buy now. Reminders help keep our eyes on the prize. Chances are, you’ve made resolutions for the New Year.  Chances are, you are also firm about the commitments you’ve made for yourself.  Change is good.  It Read More >

A New Year’s Clean Begins at Home

For generations of families like mine, it is a tradition to “sweep away the old and usher in the new” by getting the house in order.  Our annual ritual begins just before New Year's Eve.  The home is a sacred place where love is shared and relationships are strengthened.  After weeks of nonstop activity from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the house is a chaotic mess.  Now that Christmas has come and gone and the dust has settled, I arm myself with a broom and dustpan to Read More >