Time-Saving Tips for the Holidays

Time-Saving Tips for the HolidaysThe holiday season is a time to reflect on the passing year, and to celebrate the love we share with family and friends. It can also be a time of increased stress, as we work to fit our preparations and celebrations into already busy lives. Planning parties, shopping for gifts, holiday baking, and attending celebrations are great fun, but you can run out of time fast if you don’t plan ahead. Here are some ways to save time and reduce stress this holiday season.

  1. Make effective lists. If you’re planning a holiday party, making a guest list will help to ensure that you have enough seating, gifts, and treats for everyone. Plan out your meals in advance, both for celebrations and family meals, and make grocery lists to keep food shopping trips to a minimum. Keeping a list of gift recipients and presents you’ve purchased will help prevent the need for stressful last-minute shopping, and make sure nobody gets left out. As a bonus, you can efficiently keep all your holiday lists in the notes on your smart phone or other device.
  2. Start holiday preparations early. By shopping for gifts throughout the year, you avoid crowds and long lines—saving you both time and stress. Food can also be prepared in advance to save time. Make and freeze entrees and soups for quick family meals on busy nights. When you’re hosting a holiday party, save time (and money) by making cookie and bread dough and freezing them. You and your guests can enjoy fresh-baked goodness without the fuss.
  3. Get online. The internet has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, and the holidays are no exception. When you buy gifts online, there are no searches for a parking space at busy shopping centers, no fighting the holiday crowds, or waiting in long lines to make purchases. You can shop on your schedule, and not just when stores are open. As an added convenience, many sites now offer gift wrapping for purchases, and they can even ship gifts to recipients out of town.

If you’re already making lists and checking them twice, consider using an errand service to handle your to-do list. It’s affordable, safe, and easy. The professionals at Good Neighbor Concierge can meet with you and show you how their valuable services can free up your time this holiday season. Call or click today to schedule your personal consultation and have a more enjoyable holiday.