Potholes: A Late-Winter Driving Nuisance

71I was driving down a high-traffic street in Newton the other day when I came upon it.  In fact, there was not one, but a cluster of small and big ones along my path that I could not avoid running over unless I steered my car into oncoming traffic. 

What are they?  Potholes.

Driving in Boston during winter is dangerous enough with the presence of snow and black ice, and slipping and sliding. 

Potholes are road hazards that crop up a lot this time of year, getting on the nerves of thousands of drivers.  These mini-craters suddenly show up and can ruin an otherwise uneventful, smooth car ride.  They wreak havoc on your tires and suspension, forcing you to spend extra money on repairs and time at the auto body shop.  And sometimes it seems the deeper the hole, the worst the damage.

This very short video demonstrates how much money these holes are costing some of America’s major cities:

Winter driving not only requires lots of skill and experience, it also requires you to stay alert to the endless array of hazards that crop up anytime, whether they are the result of traffic or Mother Nature.  Doing so may help ward off car trouble later, saving you time and expense at the auto body shop, not to mention a major headache.

Image credit:  Andrew Hildebrand
Video by CBS Television

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