Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
With millions of little thoughts and ideas constantly running around in our heads, it can be easy to forget the importance of taking the time to slow down and rest before proceeding with a fresh perspective on various significant tasks. Especially when it comes to professional environments, most experts and highly successful individuals will agree and stress that working smarter is better than working harder every time, and is the only way to ensure continued productivity and success. After all, getting burnt out is the quickest way to fall behind in all the most important facets of life. But, how exactly do you make the beneficial change you need to see those positive results in your life? The answer is: manage your energy, not your time.

All to often people spend countless hours rearranging their schedules to come up with better strategies to manage their strenuous daily workloads, but what if people chose to work the other way around? What if people decided to just simply take a 20-minute power nap, get a quick snack, or work out for a few minutes between assignments and then push hard to focus on what they need to do in 45-minute intervals? As more people continue to break away from the typical 9AM-5PM grind, it’s becoming profoundly obvious that focusing on doing the work you need to do in shorter burst with greater levels of focus and concentration is key to having the best of both worlds.

Consider this: You have a decent sized load of dishes to do. On a day that you are exhausted, overworked, over-stressed, and have no desire to do them, it may take a half-hour or more to accomplish because you’re dragging your feet and you can’t keep your eyes off your phone, but when you’re rested, relaxed, and have had a great day, it may take you less than ten minutes. Why? Because you weren’t distracted by how much you didn’t want to do them and all the things you would rather be doing instead.
Now think about how many hours are collectively wasted every day as you try to trudge through eight solid hours of “work.” Why not just cut the difference and use that wasted time to actually do something fun that can effectively increase your productivity later? Doing the things you love, like reading, relaxing, binge watching your favorite show, spending time contemplating your life and goals, sleeping in, and indulging once in a while in all those other “selfish” or “lazy” activities can go a long way in helping you feel like your life doesn’t solely revolve around what you have to do. You only have one life and one chance to achieve happiness, why force yourself to be miserable by sacrificing your health and needs for imaginary expectations you are ultimately placing on yourself. By managing your energy and not your time, you can ensure that you always have enough of both.

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