A Boston Personal Assistant’s Story: Convalescent Assistance in Brookline

Last year, a client in Rockville, Maryland, purchased one of our gift certificates for a colleague and friend of hers who was hospitalized in a Boston area hospital. This week, we received a phone call from the recipient of that gift certificate, a young professional woman who lived in Brookline and in the midst of packing up her belongings and moving out of Boston to return to her native Canada. The new client explained that she had been hospitalized on and off for many Read More >

4 Tips on How to Arrange Valentine’s Day Flowers like a Pro

Although the Valentine's Day tradition of giving flowers dates back to ancient Roman times, creating a fresh, contemporary arrangement can be tricky if you lack a natural eye for floral design. However, creating a lovely and memorable arrangement doesn't have to 'wilt your bloom'. Following these simple and noteworthy tips can assist in your creative endeavor. Consider your Recipient Think about who will be receiving the arrangement. Different flowers have different Read More >

5 Tips on Adding More Storage Space to the Bedroom

A bedroom is supposed to be the ultimate sanctuary at the end of your day. It is also the place where there can be an enormous amount of clothes, shoes, books, and accessories than storage space. This means that unless there is a good storage system, things can get cluttered pretty quickly, and the bedroom will lose the serene atmosphere it should have. Here are five ways you can increase storage space in your bedroom. 1. Maximize the use of space under the Read More >

Tips to Help You Stay Positive and Healthy in the New Year

As the fun and festivities of the holiday season come to a close, you may find yourself feeling a little sluggish and maybe even a little gloomy. The parties may be over, but the coming New Year brings a sense of hope and renewal that can benefit all of us. To help you make the most of this time for growth and change, here are some simple tips for staying positive and healthy in the New Year: Get Moving. Regular exercise benefits both physical and emotional health. Read More >

A Boston Personal Assistant’s Story: Charity Donations Delivery Assistance in Worcester

A busy corporate client called this week because she wanted to donate several of her gently used business suits to a Dress for Success boutique in the Boston area. Because she lived in the Metrowest area, the Worcester location was the closest for her donation drop-off. She had considered donating her suits to other organizations, such as the Salvation Army and the Savers thrift store, but she liked that Dress for Success provided the suits to women in need rather than Read More >

Time-Saving Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is a time to reflect on the passing year, and to celebrate the love we share with family and friends. It can also be a time of increased stress, as we work to fit our preparations and celebrations into already busy lives. Planning parties, shopping for gifts, holiday baking, and attending celebrations are great fun, but you can run out of time fast if you don’t plan ahead. Here are some ways to save time and reduce stress this holiday season. Make Read More >

A Boston Personal Assistant’s Story: Meal Pick Up and Delivery Assistance in Boston

The landscape in Boston and her surrounding communities is amazingly colorful this time of year. The leaves change into a sea of gold yellow, tangy orange, fiery red, and even a crisp maroon. The sweaters and warm jackets make their way back onto our shoulders, and our thoughts turn towards the holiday feasts and parties sure to fill our time, calendars, and stomachs in the weeks to come. Speaking of holidays, today a client called because he wanted a taste of Read More >

A Reflection on Gratitude

Today is World Gratitude Day! Celebrated annually on September 21st, it is a day of appreciation for all the wonderful things we have in life and in this world. The organizers had created an opportunity for all of us to embrace mankind, to appreciate our families and friends, our lives, our unique gifts, and all that we have received. However, to reflect on its meaning and benefits and its positive impact on our lives requires TIME. Having the time in our life for Read More >

A Lesson on How to Get Ahead in Life

Today, I was huffing through the last mile of my morning walk when the shadow of a bushy-tailed squirrel suddenly appeared by my side. Not on a grassy field or deep in the woods, but on a busy sidewalk in Boston shared by many pedestrians. It hopped alongside me fearlessly, then quickly raced off into the distance. It found shelter under a parked car, and then emerged seconds later to attempt a dangerous run through nearby traffic. It made it through Read More >

10 Tips for a Calmer Back to School Morning Rush

Lazy days on the beach will soon be replaced with homework drills and science projects. Evenings spent lounging around the backyard patio will soon be a summer memory as your weeknights become a daily marathon of carpools, soccer practice, and hastily-made meals. With a little bit of preparation, transitioning from the dog days of summer to the frenetic pace of back to school can be a less stressful process. For many families, the stress begins the minute the day begins. Read More >