10 Tips for a Calmer Back to School Morning Rush

10 Tips for a Calmer Back to School Morning RushLazy days on the beach will soon be replaced with homework drills and science projects. Evenings spent lounging around the backyard patio will soon be a summer memory as your weeknights become a daily marathon of carpools, soccer practice, and hastily-made meals. With a little bit of preparation, transitioning from the dog days of summer to the frenetic pace of back to school can be a less stressful process. For many families, the stress begins the minute the day begins. Here are ten tips to help make the back to school morning rush a little calmer.


The Night Before

Tasks that you and your child can tackle the night before will mean more time on everyone’s side when the morning arrives.

1. Ensure all school backpacks and work bags/briefcases are packed and in good working order, and all school supplies are ready to go by the door.
2. Spare a few minutes to pack a nutritious lunch and snack for each family member. Keep an ice pack ready as well.
3. Have each family member take a shower before settling in to bed.
4. Choose the day’s outfit, including accessories, socks, and shoes. Be sure everything is neat and clean and if something needs ironing, have it done now.
5. Plan out the breakfast menu. Make-ahead some family favorites such as eggs, breakfast burritos, parfaits, or plain oatmeal and refrigerate. Set out bowls, cups, and utensils the night before. That way, picky eaters will not have a chance to hog up everyone’s time in the morning.
6. Set a strict lights-out rule. Adults and kids need ample sleep in order to function their best everyday. Curb caffeinated beverages and turn off the computer, TV, and video games to ensure adequate slumber.
7. Plan out your route. This is especially true if back to school will involve a ride in a car or a walk through the neighborhood. Plan ahead to avoid traffic-clogged areas and allow for extra time.

The Morning Of

1. Get up before everyone else. If you are naturally a morning person, rising a little earlier than the family means you can enjoy your cup of coffee without constant distractions, catch up on the news, get a little work done, and perhaps squeeze in a workout, all before the school bus arrives.
2. Have the kids wake up 45 minutes before the bus or carpool arrives. Depending on each child’s age, the first 15 minutes can be spent on dressing, washing up and grooming. The next 15 minutes can be spent on eating breakfast, getting lunch and packing up. The final 15 minutes can be spent on a quiet activity such as reading or drawing, and cuddle time with mom and dad before the school day begins.
3. Turn off the TV and limit the electronic distractions. These distractions naturally slow many people down, so try to keep these to a bare minimum or off so that your school mornings start off on a calmer note.

Heading back to school is hectic for many families. Use our tips or implement your own time-saving strategies to start the mornings off on a less stressful note, so everyone leaves the house on time and happier.

Image credit: Andrei Firtich