Why Hire a Personal Assistant

08All working professionals have more to do than they can possibly get done in a day. As our jobs spill over and take up more of our personal time, we find ourselves feeling burned out and overwhelmed. But what if you had an extra pair of hands to help share some of the burden of everyday tasks? Hiring a personal assistant can allow you to take back more of your most precious resource – time. No longer considered a status symbol, personal assistants have become essential to the efficient functioning of today’s busy professional.

Why Hire

Most of us have been raised to be strong and independent people. Having learned our whole lives to do anything necessary to keep our family afloat, the idea of hiring a personal assistant to help us out seems unnatural. On the other hand, taking care of all the small everyday details can eat up all of our free time and leave us feeling drained.

By hiring a personal assistant, you can use your time more effectively to help yourself — and other people. Your time is valuable, and it is not necessary for you to waste it on routine chores and menial errands. Hiring a personal assistant does not make you a failure or lazy. If you think about it, we hire people to complete tasks for us all the time. A personal assistant will allow you the freedom to pursue more pleasurable activities and increase your quality of life. It is important to get rid of any guilt you may have over the decision to hire an assistant, and start thinking about what kind of help you could use.

Job Function

A lot of people have been juggling so many tasks for so long, it is hard for them to think of what tasks they could let go of, and delegate. Hiring a personal assistant to manage your schedule, do the grocery shopping, organize the mail, wash the car, do the laundry, or light housekeeping would free up your time to do more important tasks. For stay-at-home parents who are used to having to lug the kids around while they run errands, a personal assistant can take care of the errands, so you can stay home to spend more quality time with the children.


There is no rule that says only celebrities can have a personal assistant to help manage their routine. Depending on the time required for the services that you wish to delegate, hiring someone to help out could get expensive. However, there is also no rule that requires you to hire a personal assistant full-time. Families that have lesser needs can hire a part-time personal assistant to take care of those smaller tasks. For the price of a car payment – or even a gym membership, you can make the investment of hiring someone for a few hours a week to help you keep your affairs in order.

Why should celebrities be the only ones to benefit from a personal assistant? Hardworking, everyday people like you have just as much on your plates — if not more. Hiring a personal assistant, even for just a few hours a week, can free up your time and allow you to spend it doing things that are truly important.

Image credit:  Oliver Gruener