A Time to Slow Down and Reflect

Personal ReflectionIt is so hard to let go of the news of the terrible elementary school tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, and I am sure we all have our own thoughts about it.  So many lives lost but in particular, the very young children who had their whole lives to look forward to.  Gone in an instant.  This is every parent’s worst nightmare. 

Totally senseless. 

As a parent, the worries never seem to stop.  It used to be about getting enough to eat, warm clothes to ward off the cold, a roof over their heads, and getting a good education.  But, gun violence in our communities and schools?  When will this madness end?  Indeed, being a parent can be a person’s greatest joy and greatest sense of anxiety.

That night, my husband and I were faced with the daunting task of explaining to our 8-year-old daughter – in an age-appropriate manner – about what happened in that little school 150 miles south of Boston.  I had long shielded her from all these anxiety-inducing subjects, not wanting to shatter her happy view of the world.  But talk we must.  And we did. 

Not surprisingly, she took it all in very well. 

Our hugs were tighter, our words reassuring, our presence to each other all the more meaningful.  Having each other is the greatest feeling. 

A painful tragedy like this stops us all in our tracks.  We grieve for lives lost.  We start to reflect on what is most important in our lives.

This Christmas season, I hope you will find time to slow down and reflect on what really matters most.

Image credit:  Katharine Evans