5 More Simple Tips for Hosting a Stress Free Holiday Celebration

party planning assistanceIt is that time of year for festive gatherings and celebrations. If you will be playing host over the holidays, there are many things to consider to make planning any party at home less taxing. In a recent blog post, we shared some simple ways to minimize the stress of planning and hosting family gatherings during the holiday season. Certainly, the best way to make holiday memories long lasting is to plan ahead so you can relax and enjoy the family, and embrace this festive season in a state of peace and calm.

Here are more simple things to do to ensure the best gathering ever, year after year.

1) Alcohol and Supporting Self-Control

Often disharmony can erupt if too much alcohol is being consumed. Avoid this by offering holiday beverages that are non-alcoholic or are light on alcohol, yet are satisfying. Use your family allies to help head off over-consumption. Provide alternatives along with humorous reminders.

2) Keeping the Kids Occupied

Providing back-up strategies for entertaining the children is always a good idea. Every parent knows that when cousins come and family rollicking has begun, it can get noisy and chaotic quickly. Plan for this. Provide simple, age-appropriate activities for the kids.

3) Mood Management

This can be as simple as making sure personal connection needs or the lack thereof are being attended to. If you have a cranky uncle, provide him with the opportunity to watch a game. If you have a need to keep people in good moods, provide board games or other personal engagement opportunities.

4) Heading Off Disharmony

Quick reminders and humorous responses can go far when family harmony is on the line. The best way to protect the memories is to know how to head off disharmony.

5) Lasting Memories Always Focus on the Good

As the years roll by, we forgive the mistakes and remember the best. Just know that beyond doing your best, the memories will always be good, and focused on the fun that you will have just by being together.

Party Planning Assistance From Good Neighbor Concierge

The holiday season is indeed the most wonderful time of year. Families and friends gather to share good times and special memories. By delicately managing the tasks that come with being the party host and asking for help, you, too, will soon be sharing in the good times and special memories.

Image credit:  A. Schaeffer