6 Tips for Halloween Party Planning Success

Colorful PupkinsPlanning a Halloween party this year? With a little imagination and lots of preparation, you can throw an unforgettable one. Here are six tips to make it so fun and “scary” your friends will ask you to plan next year’s party too!


Halloween is about candy but you will probably want to feed your guests something besides sugar. Plus there are foods that are just calling out to be part of this holiday!

Serve tomato soup, which you can offer as “blood soup.” Adorn the soup with a floating chunk of cheese goop.

Offer your guests a worm sandwich, which you can make with cut outs of hot dog slices served with ketchup on a hamburger bun.

Serve pizza mummies. They’re made with black olives and cheese strings over an English muffin.


A few things never get old.

A battery-run or motion-activated tombstone in your yard that opens up as your guests arrive.
Cobwebs added all over the house.
A rented fog machine to add an air of confusion to it all.
Candles are always a great addition but consider where you place them if your party includes children.


If you are having a kids party, most likely there will be no trouble getting them to dress up; however, adults are sometimes reluctant. Here’s when a party theme comes in handy. When you send out invitations, you could mention, for example, that it’s a “Hats Halloween” for the adults. That way, be it a baseball cap, a cowboy’s, or a witch’s hat, everybody will look festive. Make it even more involved and invite your friends for a “bikers” night, a super-hero night, or an 80s Halloween.


Silly things can go a long way.

Put plastic spiders and bugs in the bottom of bowls of chips and coolers full of drinks. Sooner or later somebody will find them. Just follow the screams!
Write messages on the bathroom mirrors – use the specific names of a few of your guests, such as “I know what you are doing, Marty.”
Hide a rubber snake in the fridge.


Keep your guests mentally stimulated.

To encourage dressing up, there is nothing like the promise of a costume contest. Of course, be prepared with a few prizes!
Play a game (this is especially good for kids’ parties, but adults love it too). Consider “the lab game” where kids are blindfolded and told to recognize body parts while touching different foods (spaghetti for brains, peeled grapes for eye balls, and so on). This game can really become a production.


All of these ideas work when planning for a small Halloween party for family and friends. If a larger party is planned, such as at the office or one that includes most everyone you know, then you may want to procure the help of a party planning service. It’s like having a personal assistant who will help you with the invitations, food planning and shopping, party favors, and so forth.

Happy Halloween!

Image credit: Pixel Perfect Digital