20 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Elderly Loved Ones Safe at Home

eldersAmericans are living longer. Many Americans who are in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s are finding themselves caring for elder parents and relatives today. If you are one of the lucky people who are an adult and have an active and independent senior parent or two who are living on their own, you likely worry about their safety and well-being. Things we take for granted when we are younger such as stairs, opening doors or getting in the shower become more difficult as we age. From falls to trips or accidental burns, these are just a few of the concerns we face as our parents get older.

If you have elder parents who live on their own or are considering moving in with you and your family, take a look at 20 helpful tips for making life easier and safer with just a few simple home modifications:

  1. Install railings on all stairways for safety
  2. Replace all door knobs with lever type handles for ease of opening
  3. Be sure water heaters are not set above 120 degrees to avoid scalding
  4. Install lower nap carpets as deeper rugs can be difficult to walk and cause falls
  5. If floors are hardwood, avoid high gloss polishes or loose rugs to prevent falls
  6. Level floors between rooms to prevent tripping
  7. Install grab bars in tubs and near toilets to help with getting up and stability
  8. Consider walk-in bathtubs to allow elders the ability to bathe privately
  9. Consider taller toilets to make it simpler to use for those with poor joints or bad knees
  10. Install better lighting and avoid low light conditions throughout the home as our vision deteriorates as we age
  11. Be sure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are present near all sleeping areas
  12. Move light switches near the entryway to all rooms if not already there
  13. Be sure there is a fire extinguisher easily accessible in the kitchen area
  14. Avoid cords in walkways
  15. Install nightlights in bathrooms and hallways
  16. Place nonskid mats inside and outside of showers
  17. Reorganize cupboards by putting frequently used items lower and easier to access
  18. Reduce clutter
  19. Ensure that all parts of the home are wheelchair accessible
  20. Talk to your parents and ask what concerns them

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